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The Surfmatics 1st full length CD is out!!! "Surfin' Around The World" is now available at all of our live shows, as well as on ITunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!! Big Fez will be at Danceland in Latham on Saturday, September 24th from 8-11 PM. Come dance the night away with the Surfmatics!!!
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Friends of the Fez!! Welcome to our Fezsite- check out our band's history, listen to Surfmatics tunes on our Music page, and drop us a line on Fezbook. Check out our Schedule page for many new dates, and more on the way. We're ridin' a bomb this year with a whole new show- hang ten with Big Fez in 2016!!!


Big Fez and the Surfmatics are a four-man group performing classic surf and beach music from the early 1960's. While all four members are journeymen musicians who have individually developed their craft through rock, country, bluegrass, and Celtic music, it is the music of their youth, the “music of the surf”, that has brought them together to form this outstanding combo. Big Fez and the Surfmatics' repertoire includes the great instrumental hits of the surf era, including songs by such greats as The Ventures, Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, The Trashmen, The Chantays, The Surfaris, and Duane Eddy. Big Fez also performs many of the great vocal hits of the surf era as well, performing songs by The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Challengers, The Rivieras, and many more.

A Big Fez show is not just a run-through of classic hits; it is also an immersion into the camp and fun of the early '60s. The emphasis is on FUN, and audience participation is a huge part of the show, as audience members are encouraged to dance the night away to the great dance crazes of the 60's, like TheTwist, The Mashed Potato, The Bird, The Monkey,The Watusi, The Fly, The Swim, The Pony, The Limbo, and many more!

Dressed in black suits, dark glasses, and fez, Big Fez and the Surfmatics claim to have first hit the scene in 1960, broke up in 1966, and re-formed to bring the sound of the surf into the 21st century. The band includes Johnny Fez (who claims to be from the “Big Island” and is an indirect descendent of Don Ho…his aunt Heidi was Don Ho's third wife), Donny Fez (former car wash attendant and waxing specialist who hails from the “Long Island”), JB Fez (Marine surfing instructor from “Parris Island”), and Mikey Fez (airplane pilot from “Fantasy Island”).

In real life, Johnny Fez is John Haggerty (on 6 and 12 string electric guitar and vocals). John has spent the last 20 years touring all over the US and Ireland in one of America's top Irish rock bands, Hair of The Dog (Billboard Magazine has called them “one of Irish music's biggest sellers”). Donny Fez is really Don Young (on vocals, lead guitar and guit-organ). Don has toured with Country music star Randy Travis, Bluegrass legend Bill Keith, and 50's greats The Coasters and The Drifters. JB Fez is John “JB” Guay (drums and vocals). JB spent the early 80's touring the northeast and Canada with Bad Habit, a classic rock/original music band. JB later played in Oz, a New York-based wedding and party band, and most recently played with classic rock band Hung Jury. Mikey Fez is really Mike McLean (bass). An actor and musician, Mike is a founder member of Irish favorites, The Porters. He is also currently a member of the Americana group The Red Haired Strangers. Mike's acting career includes memorable scenes with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep in the movie Ironweed.

Big Fez and The Surfmatics are ready to rock your surfin' universe with their songs “In The Key Of Cool”! For booking information, please contact John Haggerty at (518) 274-2127. You can also email us at bigfezmusic@yahoo.com or like us on Facebook

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Check out our Music page to hear some rockin' Surfmatics tunes!!!          
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