JOHNNY FEZ - guitar and vocals

Johnny Fez is an indirect descendant of Hawaiian legend Don Ho (his aunt Heidi was Don Ho's third wife). Johnny was born under a Chinese Fan Palm tree on the island of Taratupa and learned to play the ukelele listening to old 78 records that he would buy from merchant sailors. For many years Johnny toured with an all-girl ukuele orchestra before dedicating his life to surf music. Early in his career, he was one of the first guitarists to use a 12 string guitar in surf music. Johnny hooked up with the Fez boys at a beach party, and they played their first song together while sitting around the camp fire. He is the creative force behind the Surfmatics international success. Johnny has been rockin' in the summer sun with the Surfmatics ever since, singing about the surfing life.

MIKEY FEZ -bass,and vocals

Not much is known of Mikey Fez as all personal and medical records have mysteriously disappeared. Popular rumor has it that Mikey was born and raised on the road by his parents, who were high wire circus performers with the Miracle Land Carnival Company. He ran away from the circus at age 11 and was seen years later working for InGen on Isla Nublar with Dr. Alan Grant. It was during one of their legendary late night jams by the raptor cages that Mikey first picked up a Fender bass. After an unfortunate minor mishap on the island, Mikey turned up at a Cali beach party and jammed with the Surfmatics that night, and the rest is history. Mikey holds down the bottom end of the band, and he is the pulse of the Big Fez. 

JB FEZ - drums, percussion, and vocals

JB Fez was born to play the drums. As a baby he would entertain his parents and neighbors playing "Wipe Out" on the sides of his crib with his rattle. As a teen growing up in Malibu, JB would often wake before the sunrise to "Hang Ten" with all the hep cats at the local beach. JB made ends meet in the early days working as a surfing instructor on Paris Island before becoming a professional Mike Ditka impersonator at parties and events. JB met the Fez boys at that fateful beach party and he has been the turbocharged engine of the Surfmatics rhythm section from the start. JB's driving surf beat brings the sound of the waves to the Fez Nation.

KNICKERBOCKER FEZ - guitar, steel drums and vocals

It was during a sold-out show in 1963 at the World Famous Cannibals Lounge on the island of Palm Key, that a young boy with a 3-string orange ukulele and a fried chicken take-out bucket on his head came up to the band and announced that he wanted to be a Surfmatic. The band immediately took to the young lad as he entertained them for hours showing off his precision dance steps and amazing surf guitar abilities. But alas, the road is no place for a young boy and his orange ukulele. The band stayed in touch with him over the years, and he would write them to tell of his extraodinary adventures with his scientist father, adopted brother and their bodyguard.

Many years later at the Pagan Grotto Beach Club & Hair Saloon, the band shared the bill with a local opening act "Hadji & the Bandits". At first glance they immediately recognized the lead guitarist/steel drummer as that seven year old boy that they had met years ago in Palm Key. After an evening of reminiscing and flaming rum drinks, the band decided to make him an offer that he could not refuse.

And now, Knickerbock Fez is living out his boyhood dream as lead guitarist for Big Fez & the Surfmatics.

Dressed in black suits, dark sunglasses and fez, Big Fez & the Surfmatics claims to have first hit the surf music scene in 1960. Due to musical differances, the band broke up in 1966, and has re-formed to bring the sound of the surf into the 21st century.

In real life, Johnny Fez is John Haggerty (6 and 12 string electric guitar and vocals). John has spent over 20 years touring the United States and Ireland in one of America's top Irish rock bands, Hair of the Dog. (Billboard Magazine has called them “one of Irish music's biggest sellers”). During his off hours from Big Fez you can find him performing with his new Irish band Get Up Jack.

JB Fez is John “JB” Guay (drums, percussion and vocals). JB spent the early 80's touring the Northeast and Canada with  the classic rock/original band Bad Habit. JB later played in Oz, a New York- based wedding and party band, and most recently played with classic rock band Hung Jury.

Mikey Fez is Mike McLean (bass and vocals) actor /musician. Mike was a founding member of Irish group, The Porters. He also currently plays upright bass with Americana/Country Blues recording artist, The Red Haired Strangers. Mike's acting credits include the movie "Ironweed" (with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep) as well as auditioned for the New York City Opera Company.

Knickerbocker Fez is Crick Diefendorf (guitar,steel drums and vocals). Crick is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, and has been a professional musician and music educator since 1987. Crick is proficient in all styles of American popular music (jazz, country, rock adn R&B) and well versed in African, Latin, Asian and European music. He co-founded the Boston-based eclectic acoustic band, Made In The Shade that performed through the U.S. and Europe.  Crick can also be found performing with other popular bands Get Up Jack, and the Skip Parson's Riverboat Jazz Band.